Summer Youth Tech & Enrichment Program 2017

An Act of Simple Kindness, Inc. (AASK)

As AASK has determined that education and training are essential program components for low-income children and families to achieve long-term success and self-sufficiency .

At AASK, we see the solution to solving societal and economic inequalities by changing thoughts and perceptions of the Poor for them to create a secure future. AASK has developed and copyrighted a life skillstraining programdesigned to assist participants in becoming conscious of THOUGHTS  and how they create LIFE EXPERIENCES. The program addresses specific and unique needs of each participant. The Self-Sufficiency training program, "The Path to Self-Sufficiency - The Game of Life" will yield best results by providing a training stipend and other incentives to encourage participant commitment to the program in order to make significant behavioral and social advancements with the ultimate goal being attainment of living wage employment.

Our 2018 goal is to provide life skills training and other support services to at least 20 low-income parents and technology & math training to as many as 20 children.


An Act of Simple Kindness, Inc. (AASK) in partnership with SOLID Properties will hold its second summer enrichment program, “I Can Code & More” for low-income children residing at SOLID Residences in Ward 8, Washington, DC.

The purpose of this summer program, “I Can Code & More” is to provide technology instruction, cultural enrichment field trips, and provide a nutritious lunch each day for children, ages 7 – 12 living at SOLID Residences in South East, Washington, DC. The program was held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, July 17th – August 8th.