An Act of Simple Kindness, Inc. (AASK)

AASK has provided Life Skills Training for parents and tutoring for children at a transitional (temporary shelter) apartments in Washington, DC in 2015 -2016. Also, we provided a summer technology and enrichment program to children ages 7 - 12 at a low-income apartment complex in S.E. Washington, DC (summer of  2017.

The AASK solution to eradicating economic disparities is to attack poverty with education & training (living wage jobs), life skills training -"The Path to Self-Sufficiency - The Game of Life" (how see beyond present circumstances, set goals, and plan a better future), and technology and math training for children to prepare them for a competitive future.

In order to accomplish this, it will take committed, long-term partnerships of: federal and state government agencies, philanthropic and non-profit organizations, foundations, and individuals determined to coordinate and leverage resources to develop a NEW generation of middle-class productive citizens and stop the generational cycle of poverty. It all begins by lifting children out of poverty and creating a NEW family legacy of self-sufficiency with education, training for living wage jobs, and social integration skills. This requires that adults/parents shift their thoughts with educational empowerment to become positive role models for children.